Being a Good Steward

Fort Bragg and all federal agencies act through laws and regulations that protect cultural resources on their property. The post must carry out its military mission and act as a good steward and manager of our heritage. The two most common problems cultural resources managers face are looting and vandalism.

A looter is someone who steals artifacts, parts of buildings, and information - digging an archaeological site without a permit is looting.

A vandal is someone who destroys a cultural resource for fun or to show off - spray painting pictures or words on a historic building is vandalism.

You can help prevent looting and vandalism by becoming a good steward. A steward is someone who understands that cultural resources are our country’s irreplaceable heritage and takes steps to protect them. Learn about cultural resources in your community and teach others not to vandalize or loot.

Cultural resources managers at Fort Bragg host a number of public outreach programs to share archaeology, history, and heritage with residents, school children, and visitors. Each April they hold Earth Day activities that offer the public the opportunity to learn about archaeology and participate in archaeological excavations. Resource managers work with local reenacting groups to develop living history programs that immerse participants in the dress, customs, food, tools, and equipment of historical periods and cultures.